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Youtuber Vlogs Pulling Terrible Pranks on His Children, Loses Custody of Two Children

Katrina Errion, Staff Reporter
May 23, 2017
Filed under Entertainment, Multimedia, News, Opinions

With all the vloggers on Youtube's community, there are many good channels with amazing content. There are some confusing vlogs; some funny; some very upsetting. Recently, ‘DaddyoFive’, Mike Martin, has begun vlogging his family of 5 children and wife in late 2016. He says it is a family channel,...

Moe’s vs. Chipotle

Adam Geiger, Alexis Berry
May 18, 2016
Filed under Multimedia, Video

Which restaurant do students prefer?

Lie Witness News

Danny Francis, Ryan Thompson
May 18, 2016
Filed under Multimedia, Video

Students answer fake questions about this year's "March Madness".

Where are you going to college?

Where are you going to college?

Jordan Lutz and Laura Josephik
May 31, 2013
Filed under Features, Multimedia

Just before the seniors set off for their college experience they take a moment to snap a shot of their future school symbol.  Students represent their future school with the hand symbol.

The EYE Adventures of Kevin & Stephan – Trailer

Lena Schwallenberg, Kevin Griffith, Stephan Vlachos, Emily Huntley, Megan Ingram, & Kara Condie, Staff Reporters
March 5, 2013
Filed under Multimedia, Video

Have you been experiencing the shakes? Headaches? Explosive sobbing fits? Well, have no fear... The EYE is almost here! Check out this preview of The EYE Adventures of Kevin and Stephan to tide yourself over until our heroes come to deliver YOU the news that matters most!

Behind the scenes: zombie feature

Megan Rush, Staff Reporter
November 16, 2012
Filed under Multimedia

We've all seen the zombies in the paper, but how exactly did they come to be? Take a behind the scenes look at the tedious work our makeup artists  put in to turning PHU students into blood-thirsty zombies.

Creation of a zombie

Creation of a zombie

Valentina Herrera and Emily Huntley, Staff Reporters
November 13, 2012
Filed under Featured Multimedia, Multimedia

Correction: Feature pg. 5 In the November 2012 print edition of The EYE, the text should have read, "These are your traditional zombies. They are known for their superior physical fitness and leadership skills," instead of the text that was printed. We regret this error.   Zombies have become a gr...

Costume party!

Daniela Ress, Editor in Chief
November 2, 2012
Filed under Multimedia

Wednesday, October 31 was full of Hurricanes in disguise as students celebrated Halloween at the U! Did your costume make the cut?

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