The Eras Tour

Romina Hinojosa, Staff Writer May 22, 2023

The Eras Tour is now the sixth selling out concert tour of the American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Ever since Taylor had to cancel Lover Fest due to COVID-19, this is her tour returning post-pandemic....

Why does Taylor Swift have Taylor’s Version?

Romina Hinojosa, Staff Writer May 22, 2023

Now having 3 soon to be released re-recordings of the classic early eras of Taylor’s music, Taylor Swift will now be owning rights to all her albums pre-Lover era.    In her early years, Swift signed...


Elizabeth Morris, Staffer May 10, 2023

Summer, arguably the best time of the year. Where everyone’s always traveling, the sun never goes away, beach every day, endless days of hanging out with friends. Each summer is said to be better than...

M3GAN Movie Review

Romina Hinojosa, Staff Writer May 4, 2023

The new movie people have been buzzing about, "M3GAN" has quickly become a fan favorite. With various social media trends, the media seems to love this movie. M3GAN is a science fiction horror film...

Knock-Knock Jokes

May 4, 2023

Knock-Knock Jokes Are they overrated? Which ones to try on friends?   Knock Knock! It’s the PHUHS Eye Online. Whether it’s a joke about pop-culture or a chicken crossing the road, we’ve...

Thanksgiving Excitement!

Bailey Aliberto, Staff Reporter November 18, 2022

     Many people love the holidays (how could you not) and enjoy the festivities and celebrations associated with them. Although Thanksgiving can sometimes be overshadowed by the merriment brought along...

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe: Book and Recipe Review

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe: Book and Recipe Review

Beatrice Shen, Staff Writer November 16, 2022

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe is a historical fiction novel that immerses readers into two plot lines at once. The first, that of one of the novel's protagonists, Evelyn Couch, a 48-year...

Homecoming Football Game

Homecoming Football Game

Bailey Aliberto, Staff Reporter November 1, 2022

Football games are a great place to hang out with friends, watch a sports game, and have a good time with people you know. Although, one football game in particular is very popular among the student population....

Spring Break Staycations

Spring Break Staycations

Cassie Santella, Staff Reporter March 25, 2022

Clearwater Beach Clearwater beach is rated one of the best beaches in Florida and it's located right in our backyards. It's a popular hangout spot for students on weekends, breaks, and during the summer...

Interview with PHUHS’s “Little Mermaids”

Interview with PHUHS’s “Little Mermaids”

Beatrice Shen, Staff Writer March 2, 2022

With PHUHS’s production of The Little Mermaid in the making, many are eager to hear more about the show and what it’s like to be ‘part of their world.’  Addyson Reese (‘24):  1) What...

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