From A Pumpkin to A Jack-O-Lantern

The benefits of pumpkins during the holidays.
November 10, 2020

Pumpkins, the gross activity of scooping out slimy pumpkin guts and carving a face into to it for a decoration by your doorstep. But pumpkins have a much deeper meaning...

Cooking So You Don’t Have To

How the caramelized sweet potatoes turned out. Super delicious and sweet!
Part one of the Thanksgiving side dishes: caramelized sweet potatoes.
November 10, 2020

As more holidays are slowly approaching, new foods will be cooked to serve among others. November is right around the corner, which means new festive foods for Thanksgiving. This story will be a series...

Here comes Santa Claus

Around November 8th, Disney Springs will have their special Christmas trees up for displace that related to movies.
Students are asked if it is too early to start with Christmas activities.
November 3, 2020

As Halloween passes by, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. But is it too early to start Christmas activities? Such as decorating, baking, listening to Christmas music, etc. While some may think...

Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival

Courtesy of
The Halloween Farm with activities and more!
October 28, 2020

October is a fun time of the year with Halloween and other seasonal festivities. Going to pumpkin patches, riding on hay bale rides, and going though haunted houses are all a part of the fun down at...

The Effects of Conditioning the Mind

A look into the mind of students.
October 19, 2020

Have you ever been through a situation that has affected you so much that it changes how you react throughout the day? It could be a good or bad memory, but almost everyone has certain core memories that...

Downfalls of Wearing a Mask

Students in Mr. Adkins' history classroom during fourth period.
The everyday struggles of wearing a mask at school.
October 2, 2020

Although wearing masks at school keeps you and the people around you safe, it also makes everyday life difficult. Wearing a mask can make it hard to recognize students and staff, to understand someone’s...

Taking Care of Masks

Cutting the straps off masks will help lower the risk of pollution.
Let's recycle the masks we use each day.
September 21, 2020

Using the same mask everyday will make it dirty like any other piece of clothing. In order to keep reusing the masks we need to keep them nice and clean. “I wear cloth masks because I believe they’re...

Hurricane Season is Upon Us

The Gulf of Mexico viewed from the Dunedin Causeway on September 17, 2020.
Should students prepare for another school closure due to these storms?
September 21, 2020

Besides our school mascot, hurricanes are quite a concern. Many tropical storms are forming all around Florida sending many rainstorms our way. Should we be worried about these catastrophic storms?  Hurricane...

The Choice is Yours

The Choice is Yours
Students opinion on attending school or learning online.
September 9, 2020

When choosing to attend school or stay at home to learn, it is all up to you. Having a medical issue around or a learning disability, could have big impact on your final choice as well. Being face to...

A New Norm

Students are walking to fourth period class from building 11.
From face masks to virtual school, teachers and students are both having to adjust to a new way of learning.
September 3, 2020

School has finally reopened, but how do students and staff really feel about these new changes in learning? How do students feel about masks at school? How do teachers feel about having to focus on in...

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