Discovery of the Oceans

Scientists need to focus more on the ocean than on space, as there is much more to discover.

Jacob Costantino, Staff Reporter

April 2, 2019

Oceans and seas on Earth contain a vast majority of all living things on the planet, far more than on land. In the oceans, people can find the most beautiful animals and plants; such as the Vampire Squid or the Frilled Shark. These animals are what make the oceans so interesting and unusual. The oceans...

The political downfall of arugula

The political downfall of arugula

Delfina Caceres, Staff Reporter

March 28, 2019

Low stakes news stories and petty pugnacious politicians resulted in the downfall of an innocent green vegetable-- rocket or arugula as it’s known in your local grocery store. In 2007, when Barack Obama was just a presidential hopeful, he spoke to a group of farmers in Iowa worried about their stag...

Join FBLA for a handful of experiences

In Orlando, PHUHS FBLA students take on the State Leadership Conference in March.

Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter

March 28, 2019

Why join FBLA? It is an opportunity to learn about competitions or presentations, make new friends, put a club on college applications, and so much more. Although there are several of clubs at PHUHS, FBLA is one that stands out more than others. It isn’t just a club where there is a meeting each month,...

The takeover of AirPods

Gabriel Lopez (‘20) listens to music with his trendy AirPods before first period begins.

Justine Nguyen, staff reporter

March 26, 2019

In recent months, Apple AirPods have become a worldwide trend. Most people either have them or see others using them—including celebrities. However, they’re somewhat pricey at $159.00, and some people probably wonder whether these AirPods are worth the price. There are many different opinions about thes...

Cool math brings back the 9 year old in us

Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter

March 19, 2019

I remember in elementary school before recess we had 15 minutes to just relax, and I would grab a computer and jump on Cool Math. To this day some students still play these games in their free time. Some of my favorite games: ○  Papa’s Pancakeria- This game consists of creating pancakes...

Super Bowl LIII Prediction

Chaetan Prabhu, Photographer

December 20, 2018

Every single year there’s always the same old argument with the same old questions; Who’s going to be the next Super Bowl winner? Will the Patriots win yet again? Just like how stats will always be stats, the Patriots, are 22nd in yards per game defensively. The Rams are currently second in yards per g...

The risks of nicotine inhalation

The Surgeon General’s Warning is not put on the side of cigarette packs for no reason, and the warnings are best not ignored.

Jacob Costantino, Staff Reporter

December 20, 2018

Whether it’s an E-cigarette or a regular cigarette, or really any kind of drug that has to do with inhaling smoke, can increase a person’s risks of not only lung cancer, but also Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Tuberculosis (TB), and other severe respiratory infections and diseases. E-cigarette...

Cursive is a skill that students need to learn at school

Tessa Acree ('22) writing in print, instead of cursive.

Jacyn McCrudden, Staff Reporter/Photographer

December 20, 2018

This generation of high schoolers never learned how to write in cursive and may have never actually been able to tell time on a clock. What I don’t understand is how schools expect us to know how to write checks or to sign off certain documents for work or other important activities as adults.  ...

BTS shows consideration towards fans

BTS merch and concert poster from their concert in Chicago, Illinois.

Grace Mercer, Staff Reporter

December 17, 2018

There are many bands and artists who help fans with their life struggles by talking to them through live vidoes on social media or posting a comments on their personal account. School can be one of the many life struggles for the younger generation. Especially since majority of the fans are in school...

A healthy animal makes a happy owner

Brittany Duke, vet tec, books appointments.

Jacyn McCrudden, Staff Reporter/Photographer

December 17, 2018

A lot of students own pets and have to take care of them, and with that comes great responsibility. But, what happens when those animals get sick and they are in need of desperate care? Well people then would take their animals to the vet and get treatment for them; which can be costly, but if you can f...

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