The Future Business Leaders of America

The Future Business Leaders of America

Junior, Katelyn Josephik models her very original FBLA shirt.

Kate Hardwick, Staff Reporter

                Palm Harbor University has many clubs and organizations that tend to be very successful.  There is, although, one club that we tend to neglect, FBLA.  FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America.  The head of this club is a teacher at our school, Kevin Schachter.  Most students know Mr. Schachter as their TA supervisor but what they don’t know is that he is a part of a very important club at our school.  Students don’t know much about this club from what is seems but it is a club that looks great on applications and could potentially be a great learning experience.

            “I have to say I’ve never heard of FBLA club until today but it seems like a really interesting club,” senior Hallie Hahn said.  “I would encourage students to get involved because the more activity with the school the better.”

            FBLA does go to competitions and have some organizations that they do.  At their competitions it is an individual process where they come to the school and take tests on a computer about business skills and what not, if they do exceptionally well they can possibly qualify for states and go off to compete against other FBLA members across the state.  The club has also had a Business fashion where they modeled proper business attire.  Also for those who participated in the Relay for Life event at our school, the FBLA club had a tent there and stayed all through the night.  They had lots of games and prizes to raise money.

            “FBLA is a great club and I think everyone interested in having a business career in the future should join,” junior member of the club, Heather White said.  “I enjoyed being in the club this year and plan to continue to be a part of it next year as well.”

            If you think this is a club you’d like to be a part of, talk to your fellow FBLA member peers of Mr.Schachter, who’s room is located in upstairs building 11, 11-201, meetings are every Tuesday so get involved with your school and join this great club.