Best buddies: impacting lives across the world

    There’s a meaningful way to make a difference in the school this year.

    The Best Buddies club helps to build friendships between students at the school. Meetings are held monthly inside and outside of PHUHS. The club helps students at the school who may or may not have intellectual disabilities become friends with their “buddy.”

    “Best Buddies is part of an international organization called Best Buddies International,” sponsor Christa Simmons said.

    This international organization began in 1989 and has almost 1,700 middle school, high school, and college worldwide chapters. Best Buddies International at the high school level has the goal of breaking through social barriers at an important time in a young person’s life.

    The club at our school was created by Sydney Timm last year in late March.

    “I heard about Best Buddies after reading an article about it and my friend had the club at her school,” Timm said.

    To become a part of Best Buddies, a student must create a membership application online and submit it to the sponsor, Ms. Simmons.

   “Your buddy is chosen after you take a survey based on your likes and dislikes. You are paired with your buddy based on common interests,” Timm said.

    After your buddy is chosen, you meet your buddy at a match party to get to know each other.

    A student can participate in Best Buddies by talking and spending time with their buddy. Twice a week communication is held by emailing, texting, etc.

    Best Buddies holds events such as a walk a thon and a prom for the students involved.

    “Best Buddies makes a difference for both the peer and the student buddies,” Simmons said. Best Buddies International has made an impact in many lives.

    Best Buddies is fairly new around school and not everyone knows about the organization.

    “I didn’t know we had a Best Buddies club at our school. I think it really would make a difference,” sophomore Divya Desai said.

     Best Buddies is a rewarding experience for all students at PHUHS. It’s a great way to make new friends and have fun inside and outside of school.