Name Calling

You want it? We got it!  The senior medical superlatives are out, and if you know any of the people they are actually quite fitting.  As most of you know, the medical program has its own separate superlatives, and it includes some different titles.

The superlatives are basically a fun way to remember who in high school was known for what, and they are decided by the senior class itself.  This year about 15 were given out, and a few even were tied!

  • Most likely to be famous:  Jasmine Bouie, Christopher Larsen
  • Best to bring home to meet mom and dad:  Lexi Frost, Jake Navarro
  • Teacher’s pet:  Emmy Decker, Ryan Marth
  • Most school spirit:  Kayla Carithers, Moneer Kheireddine
  • Most likely to develop a cure:  Rita Huynh, Manuel Barragan
  • Selfie Queen and King:  Justina Grubba, Matthew Lugo
  • Most likely to become a teacher at PHUHS:  Helen Tan, Dimitri Alexandrou
  • Funniest: Leah Davenport, Brock Stallings
  • Most likely to be late for graduation:  Tori Cabon, Ethan Olivero
  • Most athletic:  Sarah Raymond, Tristan Sanders
  • Looks best in scrubs:  Kiana Tumaneng, Ross Fleming
  • Best laugh:  Faye Konstantinidis, Joseph Pigozzo
  • Most likely to become President:  (Tie) Katie Incorvia & Madison Williams, Greg Perenich
  • Most likely to faint at the sight of blood:  Veronica Hellrung, Aaron Otis
  • Best ambulance driver:  Brianna Noa, Frank Trump
  • Most likely to have a reality show:  Amanda Ismaili, Bradley Izquierdo
  • Most likely to travel the world:  Carolina Dalgado, Shaun Van Huyssteen
  • Most likely to be a brain surgeon:  Demetra Pantelis, Davis Mullins
  • Frick and Frack: Emily Huot & Lindsey Cane,  (tie) Joe Pigozzo &Brock Stallings and Brad Gorman & Thomas Stagg