Clubs on the way


Now is the time to get involved at PHU.  All of your schedule changes have been settled (hopefully), new students have learned their way around campus, and friendly faces in each of your classes have been recognized.  Next on the list is joining a club.  Clubs at PHU are not only a great way to get involved in the school with your friends, but they also look impressive on college applications.

The NHS board has sent out the email with meeting dates for the first semester.  They will occur on the first Monday of every month after school in the cafeteria.  The first one is on September 12, 2016.  If you are a junior or senior interested in joining the National Honor Society, look out for your invitation letter to apply in a couple of months.

The Gay Straight Alliance is meeting in Mr. Pinder’s room 19-205 on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week.  The club is open to all LGBTQ+ students as well as allies.  Talk to Mr. Pinder about joining and showing your support.

Robotics Club is coming in full swing at the beginning of the year.  It is open to all students with an interest.  They had an informational meeting on August 26th, but feel free to go talk to Ms. Fox in room 11-203 about joining.

The Mu Alpha Theta team has been travelling to math classes throughout the school recruiting mathletes.  They meet on Thursdays every week to build math skills for the competitions that will begin in second semester.  The competitions have a friendly competitive atmosphere and are a lot of fun.  Talk to your math teacher or Ms. Geisler 19-105 to learn more about joining.  They also need scrap-bookers.

Those interested in reading can join the book club that meets on Tuesdays after school in Ms. Vesey’s room 19-222.

If you are interested in joining any other clubs, check out this list and look for posters around school.  Talk to your teachers about forming your own club as well.  There is something for everyone here.