Keeping up with clubs

Students can be involved in a variety of clubs- but only when they know they exist.

Alexis Cesarini, Staff Reporter

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The current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors that will be returning next year are realizing that the four years they are spending in high school are going by a lot faster than they assumed. No matter where someone stands in these four years, it’s not too late to get involved in extracurricular activities and clubs, starting off with the new school year.

Palm Harbor University offers a wide variety of clubs that students can join if they choose. The problem is, advertising of these clubs has proven to be pretty ineffective. There are currently 60 approved, teacher-sponsored clubs that exist within the school, yet most of them remain undiscovered by the majority of the students that attend classes here.

The club list that is posted on the school’s website, of course, has some clubs that are more obvious than others. CABAM and FBLA are clubs sponsored by Kevin Schachter that are more well-known due to their higher population of members. French movies club is sponsored by Joseph Corr and generally more unheard of since it does not involve competition or community.

The fact that some clubs are much more popular than others is a prime example of how spreading the word of clubs could be helpful to students looking for something to do in their spare time. Maybe the perfect club exists for them, they just do not know about it.

To get involved in the community, there is the Interact Club. It is part of Rotary International, and community service is the important aspect of this club. For example, the part of the club that this school holds, “helps its Palm Harbor community by completing a Holiday canned food drive every fall that benefits FEAST food pantry,” according to

A similar club that is sponsored by the school is Key Club. Despite the seemingly unrelated name, the purpose of Key Club is to work on bettering the community through clean-up processes and volunteering at local events. An application must be submitted prior to joining Key Club.

For more information about the clubs offered here, visit and follow it to the school’s website, where there is a list including every club name, teacher sponsor, meeting days, and meeting locations.

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