Celebrating Christmas by helping others

HOSA students help with a drive for kids who can’t get presents for Christmas.

Allyson May

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Mrs.Bobbie Zuelke is standing next to the Christmas tree of gifts in her classroom during seventh period.

Christmas is where gifts are given and received. But some kids are not able to experience this time of year. Students in HOSA help the Kimberly Homes drive where the ability to give to a child can make a difference. To play a role in this drive, there is no need to be in HOSA or medical.

In each medical class there is a small Christmas tree with ornaments made with a kid on it. Describing age and something they would like or need for the New Year. A sign-up sheet is below where you sign name and what you have to get.

“This drive is where single mothers go to the Kimberly Home, and can get help on how to parent, or teach them how to get a job,” Mrs. Bobbie Zuelke said.

Mothers who are in need of help this upcoming holiday get to go in and receive some experience from other people.

“It’s an important issue and it is always good to help in need,” Erica Fiegle (‘22) said. “Even a simple gift, they will be so thankful for is sometimes the best thing you can give to a kid.”

Items that are given to the children are usually the only gifts that the child receives for Christmas. Their family typically does not give many gifts to their children, because they cannot afford it.

“I think this drive will make not just the mothers, but also the children a lot happier. Because whatever situation they are in, they usually can’t have their parents buy them presents,” Delaney Kelly (‘22) said. “This can make the kids feel left out or can make their moods not as happy as a child’s should be.”

With everyone’s help, a child out there could be so happy just because of the one thing you might of done. It is simple to get an ornament and buy a gift for the kid and make their lives much better from when it was before.

“This drive can make Kimberly Home more known to a large school, and could expand to other areas of Pinellas County and leave a positive message,” Kelly said.

Each gift will be due by Friday, Dec. 7, 2018 unwrapped to any medical teacher.