Going page by page

A chance to join yearbook is a chance to join a family.


Kalista Photopulos

With the yearbook coming out every single year, each one being different and unique these are the school’s last four.

Wanted: Social, outgoing people who are dedicated to working with a team of unique individuals in order to create a physical memory of your high school experience. Reward: A new passion and an unforgettable bond with a group of people you’ve both laughed and (possibly) cried with.

To be honest, we have one of the best yearbooks in the state for 2017. ‘So Here’s the Thing,’ created by the 2017/18 Aftermath staff, is up as a crown finalist in the nation. In the yearbook world, this is a major accomplishment. The work it took to get there was intense, but that feeling is replaced when you hold the physical copy of your work in your hand.

Anna Tam (‘19) Co-Editor In Chief for both last year’s book and this year’s book explains the fundamentals of the book.

“I think it starts with people who want to be in here,” Tam said. “Communication within our staff, however, is key. If [editors] don’t explicitly tell people on staff what to do, it won’t get done.”

Nathalia Figueira-Leon (‘19) is on her third book and describes what the three most important qualities yearbook staffers must have.  

“Work ethic, basic communication skills, and being a people person- or at least pretend to be,” Filgueira-Leon said.

Filgueira-Leon also told the true meaning of what it takes to make a successful yearbook

“It’s all about taking that simple and initial Hello and turning it into a story. You need to make it into something deeper than that.”

Ava Laney (‘20) is a new staffer this year and although hasn’t had much experience, described what works best within the room 4-115.

“I think our team of editors is really good about keeping the staff on track with where they’re supposed to be,” Laney said.

So here’s the thing about yearbook: it’s a lot different than what you might think. It’s more than simply words on pages: it’s a dedicated team of people all working towards one common goal. There’s a lot of obstacles, celebrations, tears, laughs, but most importantly; there’s a whole lot of love.

If you think you would be a good fit for our staff, please come see Mrs.Cannaday in room 4-115 to inquire about joining.