We’re all in this together

Troupe 5590 finds ways to stay connected during quarantine.

A theater that was once filled with the sounds of singing and dancing shoes hitting the stage has been replaced with silence. The spring season is usually the busiest time of the year for Troupe 5590 due to the production of the spring musical. Plus, the State Thespian Festival usually takes place during this time, gathering students from all around Florida to come together and perform. However, due to corona, all theater activities have been either cancelled or postponed until further notice. In a time of separation, the troupe has found multiple ways to stay together virtually.

In order to keep the troupe members informed on the current situation of the theater, the drama board hosted a virtual drama club meeting. Each board member submitted a video updating the the troupe on some news, whether it was on the current state refunds or the applications for next years board members. The information shed positivity on the current situation and looked optimistically towards the future of the troupe, whatever it may be. Bloopers and funny moments from the year were included at the end of the video to entertain the troupe and try and give them a laugh in a time where they couldn’t be celebrating together.

Another way the members are staying connected is through Netflix Party. The drama board hosted a poll and asked troupe members what movies they would like to watch on Netflix together using Netflix Party. It allows everyone to watch the movie at the same time and discuss how they are feeling in the live chat. There has been four total movie parties and counting, allowing members to talk to others who they don’t usually speak to and make new friendships from their homes. The drama club is also honoring their seniors on their Instagram to shine a spotlight on those who are missing out on the end of their senior years. Other members nominate a senior they admire and who they think has contributed to the troupe in a positive way. A whole story is dedicated to that senior and all their accomplishments in their four years as a member. All of these activities allow the troupe to stay connected with one another and hopefully brighten their quarantine.