Jingle Ball 2010 Review

Jordan Lutz, Staff Reporter

Don’t let the title fool you. The event “everyone has been waiting for” has absolutely nothing to do with the Christmas season.

Jingle Ball is a concert hosted by the hit radio station 933 FLZ, which plays songs ranging from Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ to Neon Trees’ ‘Animal’.

On December 12th, long lines of screaming tweens, teens, and moms, flocked to the St. Pete Times Forum, waiting to hear the 7 performers: The Ready Set, Mike Posner, Bruno Mars, Train, B.O.B., Enrique Inglesias, and Maroon Five.

Of course, with the amount of bands playing and the concert being on a school night, each artist played either three or four songs. The Ready Set, known for the song ‘Love like Woe’, opened up the show.

Fans went crazy for Mike Posner when he sang ‘Cooler Then Me’ and ‘Please Don’t Go’. But, once he took off his shirt to reveal nothing but a tatted-up, ghostly pale, attempted 6-pack body, most screaming stopped accept for the younger children that didn’t know what a good body looked like and drunk mothers.

Two words: BRUNO MARS. By far the best performer at Jingle Ball. Serenading girls with songs like ‘Just the Way You Are’ and ‘Grenade’, Bruno Mars blew me away.  The catchy beat of his songs and the sound of his angelic voice got everyone dancing and singing along.

Whoever set up the order of the artist should NOT have followed Bruno Mars with Train. Yes, their songs have meaningful lyrics and can make a girl swoon, but not after an amazing performance by Bruno. Not after everyone is in the dancing mood. Train played some good songs, but let’s just say I was glad when they were over.

Now, I have to give props to whoever set up the artist order. Putting B.O.B. right after Train? Talk about wake up call. B.O.B. Had a flow so sick I immediately started dancing. Even the songs I didn’t know made me want to know them. He gave off this energy that had the stadium going insane. I would probably have to give him two thumbs up.

You know how in some concerts the singer will bring a random fan on stage and sing to them? And then when the song is over the fan usually leaves? Well, I don’t think Enrique Inglesias knows the basics. He looked into the crowd, picked out a random lady, and basically had a 10 minute conversation with her about her life, in front of everybody.

That’s not the worst part. He started singing ‘Hero’ to her and then BAM! he starts making out with her? Woah woah woah, Enrique control yourself. After the song, which takes forever because he’s still talking to her about her life in between the lyrics, he sits her down by the drummer and just tells her to chill there for the rest of his performance. Ya, no big deal.

Maroon Five ended the night. I have to disagree with the person that set up to order. Most of the stadium left during this performance. Ouch.

All in all, Jingle Ball 2010 was alright, not the best, but not the worst concert I’ve been too.