Little Fockers Review

Jordan Lutz, Staff Reporter

The popular movie ‘Meet the Parents’, starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro, had a nice and simple story line and had me non stop laughing. The sequel, ‘Meet the Fockers’, was just as funny and made me wish for a third movie. December 22, my dreams came true and Little Fockers was released in theaters.

Little Fockers was a predictable movie and didn’t really live up to my expectations. Just like the other two movies, Ben Stiller’s character Greg Focker, is always getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time by his wife’s dad Jack Byrnes (De Niro), who’s a retired CIA agent. Characters have heart attacks, fights break out, and people are accused of having affairs. While this is all going down, Greg’s twins, the “little Fockers”, are supposed to be having a birthday party at the Focker’s new house.

With all these complications, it seems impossible to have a happy ending. But of course, there was, and in the end Greg’s parents and his wife’s parents decide to move just a few houses away from them. Everyone’s happy and then movie ends on a good note. Still, this movie did not live up to the other two and, I think, put them to shame.

Meet the Parents was hilarious, Meet the Fockers was funny. Little Fockers was…just OK. I giggled but nothing in this movie made me LOL. Also, I didn’t really understand the meaning of this movie. Come to think of it, I don’t think there was one.

Be warned: if you want to see this movie, do not go with your parents. If you do, it would be awkward to the MAX. In this movie they mention a lot of sexual content and could cause a lot of awkward situations.

 In conclusion, I give this-attempt-to-be-as-good-as-the-first-two-movies movie two stars and a sideways thumbs up.