Scream 4 Movie review

Alex Squitieri, Staff Reporter

Hollywood is famous for “sequeling” movies to death, the movie when everyone dies but they still make a sequel. Knowing this going into Scream 4, made it hard to expect anything spectacular.  During the opening scenes of the movie I was already disappointed. The acting was less than mediocre, it was almost unbearable. I could call what was going too happened in every scene, which made it very boring to watch the action unfold.

 The plot didn’t change much from the last 3 movies. Sidney Prescott returns to her home town to promote the book that was written about her. The book was based on the events of the original Woodsboro massacre, but she happens to return, just in time for the anniversary. Ghostface (the killer) comes out of hibernation and starts there killings again, this time targeting Sidney’s remaining family.

But, for every slasher movie there is a hero, in this case the town Sherriff comes to call. With the help of his wife (who is also the author of the book) and his deputies, they try to catch Ghostface and prevent any more meaningless murders. They run into the standard challenges and roadblocks along the way. For the most part the whole movie is trying to figure out the Ghostface’s next move.

SPOILER ALERT! Everyone who went to watch Scream 4 wanted to know who the killer or killers were. Well here it is, Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) -The cousin of Sidney Prescott and Charlie (Rory Culkin) the computer nerd who has an online blog capturing the murders as they unfold.

Overall I give this movie a whopping 1 out of 5 stars.