Yogurt takeover

Alex Squitieri, Staff Reporter

A new trend seems to have made its way to Palm Harbor, just in time for school to end and summer to begin. After-school hang-outs seem to jump from one fast food restaurant to another, throughout the year. From Chick-Fil-A to Subway to Moes, there is always a popular place to go after school.

But recently a new trend seems to be growing in popularity. Self serve frozen yogurt shops are popping up all over Pinellas County. After a long day of school, students head over to many different yogurt shops around Pinellas and hang with their friends. Yogurt Mountain, located on Gulf to Bay in Clearwater, is one of the more popular locations, a great shop to hit if you’re coming too or from the beach. Kiwi located on Tampa Rd in Oldsmar, is also visited often by Palm Harbor students.

The only problem with these two locations is the lengthy drive, which can hurt a students’ wallet, especially with the current rise in gas prices. But recently a new store opened at the intersection of East Lake Rd and Tampa Rd, in the Boot Ranch plaza, Yogurt Spot. Yogurt Spot is a great location for both Palm Harbor students as well as East Lake High School students. Yogurt Spot is located only 6.2 miles from the Palm Harbor campus.

Although the stores have different names and locations, the concept is nearly the same for all of them. At Yogurt Stop, For 39 cents an ounce you get a container, in which you can fill with whatever you want. With 16 flavors of frozen yogurt to choose from, they offer sample cups to make sure you’re getting the flavor you want.

Once you’ve gotten your yogurt, top it off with over 30 different toppings ranging from sprinkles to cheese cake bites. But go easy with the toppings, for after you’re done, they will weigh your cup and give you your total. Then sit, relax and enjoy your yogurt with the company of your friends.

So, if you had a rough day at school, stop by a yogurt shop near you.