PHUHS sings…kind of

Libby Jourdan

Emily Manning, Staff reporter

On Oct. 6 the 2011 PHUHS Lip Sync show took place. Many students participated in the entertaining event but out of all only one group in the end would win.

“We had a panel of four teachers and one former parent judging the performers. The winners of the show received five Disney World tickets,” senior Vanessa Lopez said. Lopez is the president of the Thespian Honor Society and the Drama club.

Coming in first place were sophomores: Alex Ingram, and Katherine Spencer along with seniors: Cole Ingram, Alex Adams, Sarah Solis and Brennan Philbin. Cole Ingram choreographed the entire performance himself. The song the group performed was “Monster” by Skillet.

Auditions were open to all and were held a week before the event and students were allowed to choose any song with only the limitation of having no profanity.

The night proved to be full of unique special effects and songs.

“[The Lip Sync show] is fun because we get to use things we usually don’t use in our normal shows like our disco ball, fog machine, and colored lights,” Lopez said.

The event was not only for brazen students. Students who were shy could still participate in the show behind the stage working with technology.

“There’s a lot of technology involved in the show. We have so many different positions,” Lopez said, “It’s a really good way for underclassmen or anyone to learn about it and stage craft, because we never turn down anyone and we’re willing to teach them.”

Among “Monster” other favorites included “Judas” and “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga, and “Wanna Be” by the Spice Girls.