Fear him if you dare

Jordan Lutz, Staff Reporter

Last week, my 12 year old sister begged me to see the Puss in Boots movie with her. Wondering how DreamWorks could possibly create a whole new movie on just one character from the Shrek movies, I agreed. Of course, the movie was in 3D, along with every other movie, and we were in the theater with young children and their parents. I was praying it wasn’t going to be as bad as I expecting.


And I was caught by surprise.


The movie turned out to be really good and even made me laugh several times. It portrayed adventure/action, love, betrayal, all the purrrfect ingredients to a great movie. Also, the movie had no characters from the Shrek movies, just the swashbuckling cat. And yes, the cute fur ball still did that face where his eyes get abnormally huge and round and it makes you want to cuddle with him.


It told the story of Puss, how he was a bad kitty cat and was always on the run from the law. To get into more trouble he decides to go looking for Jack and Jill’s magic beans, which claimed to grow a magic bean stock that climbed through the clouds to a giant’s castle that contained a golden-egg-laying goose, a lost childhood (or kittenhood) dream. Along the way, he pairs up with equally skilled Kitty Softpaws and the clever mind of the fairytale character Humpty Dumpty, and together they set out to find the beans.


But all goes awry. Humpty Dumpty turns out to be a bad egg and Kitty Softpaws isn’t as sweet as Puss thought her to be. Honestly, this movie gave me anxiety because you can always tell when something bad will happen to the hero and BOOM it did.


In the end the couragous cat saves the day and lives happily ever after, forever being the hero everyone looks up to. I liked it, all the little children in the theater loved it, and even some of the old couples that walked in late seemed to have enjoyed it! If you’re a fan of Shrek and want a good laugh, then this movie is defiantly for you.