Save “Project X” for the movies

Alex Squitieri, Staff Reporter

Yeah dude, that party last night was so Project X.

What started off as a simple movie title has become a unit of measurement amongst teenagers. High school students all over the United States have been talking about the recently premiered movie, Project X.

The movie, directed by Nima Nourizadeh, tells the story of 3 high school seniors who throw a birthday party in hopes of making a name for themselves. The party quickly gets over populated and out of control, ending in disaster.

Since the premiere of the movie, people have started referencing parties as “Project X”, meaning lots of people. But the movie has taken a bigger toll on people outside of Pinellas County. People all over are trying to have their own “Project X”. Many cases of these parties have ended in injury too many and even death.  In Utah, a 16 year old teen threw a party when her parents were out of town. More than 100 kids arrived to the party, including some with gang affiliations. At some point, shots were fire, leaving one person in critical condition and three others injured, including the host.  The young teen admitted that she was trying to have her own Project X. Although you can’t blame the damages on the movie completely, it’s safe to say it played a key role. So my advice to all teenagers across the world is this. Leave the Project X party starting to Hollywood and stay out of trouble.