Will the Couples Ever Last?

Laura Josephik, Staff Reporter

How long will the Bachelor and Bachelorette continue airing given that most of their couples have broken up?  It has become rare that a couple stays together after the cameras stop rolling.  It used to be that at the end of the show the guy would propose; now the couples agree just to keep dating.  It appears as if they know once the cameras stop the chemistry won’t be there anymore.  So much has changed from the first season of the show until season fifteen.

In the beginning you watched the show to see the love and romance, now people watch it to see the backstabbing and drama.  The people on the show can get really nasty.  Season fourteen’s Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi let the limelight get to both of them.  In a heated argument Pavelka claimed Vienna, “loved the lights”.  In return Girardi called Pavelka a, “fame whore”.  Looks like both of them needed to see what their relationship was like outside of the show.  This wasn’t the only couple who broke off their relationship due to off camera personalities.  Brad Womack and Emily Maynard ended their relationship just three months after the show.  Brad was accused of having a temper.

There is however those select few that stay together.  Season one’s Ryan Sutter and Trista Rehn have been going strong since 2003 and have had two children together.  Along with them, season seven’s J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Herbert are planning a wedding for this December.  It’s great that a few couples can actually make it work but the numbers of couples that break up far surpasses the ones that stay together.  It’s hard to see how much longer the show will let this happen.  We can only hope this season’s couple lasts!  Catch the next season of Bachelor next year on ABC.