Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Hannah Berman

Poster advertising Into the Woods

Hannah Berman, Staff Reporter

With “Into the Woods” rapidly approaching, the Drama Club is busy and bustling in attempt to prepare the finishing touches on the production.

“I am expecting the show to be very successful,” said Mr. Howard. “We are hoping that we will be able to produce a difficult song-time musical with our usual level of professionalism and excellence.”

With everything coming together in the final days of preparation, it is beginning to look like this is exactly what the Drama Club is going to do. “We are very close to being able to do full run-throughs. The set is built. We are in the painting and decorating stage and finishing up on props and costumes.”

The show intertwines multiple plot lines, and has presented many bstacles to be overcoming in its production. With everything from the rilliant multistory set to the steam punk elements being woven into he show, the show really is certain to be a success. Mr. Howard explained that he learned, from putting on Peter Pan years ago, that scaffolding is a great way to make forest effects, an idea he integrated into his current production. He described Into the Woods as “The biggest show we’ve done since Beauty and the Beast.”

“This is going to be a big, exciting show,” he said. “It’s tangled fairy tales, but with quite an adult twist. This is an elaborate, exciting show that I think everyone would really enjoy.”