Juan Pablo? Not a fan


The Juan Pablo we knew from last season is nothing like the Juan Pablo we see on the Bachelor now.  On Desiree’s season Juan Pablo was a quiet, sweet, quirky guy who didn’t get a lot of attention but was loved by everyone and was definitely a fan favorite.  Now as we got to know him throughout the season it is safe to say we are very disappointed in whom he really is.

This past week Juan Pablo was down to three women who he claims to have really liked and have strong feelings for.  Although after the overnight date with Andi Dorfman, an attorney, she came to realize that it will never work between her and Juan Pablo.  She said she couldn’t wait until the date was over.  Not because he was being mean or not because he was hurting her but solely because she realized who he was and didn’t like it.

There is no doubt that throughout the season Juan Pablo has been attracted to many of the women but it seems as though attraction is all he is looking for.  Any time a girl tried to communicate or talk about a problem he would just say “it’s okay” and kiss them.  Not asking questions or trying to find out more, he just played it off as if it was no big deal.  Andi said that on the overnight date he never asked her one question about herself and when she confronted him about this problem, she asked him what her religious or political views were but Juan Pablo had no answer.

Also when Andi said she was leaving he very casually and with little emotion brushed it off saying stuff like I can’t make you love me.  If you make it to the bottom three on this show this means you must have developed some serious emotions and having one of your top girls leave should really hurt you.  Not for Juan Pablo.  There wasn’t even a shed of tears on camera and he continued with the show.  In my opinion Andi is independent, hardworking, and too good for Juan Pablo and his games.

It is truly disappointing that someone like Juan Pablo, who everyone thought was so good, turned out to be so wrong.