A Halloween Classic: The Sixth Sense

1999 Paranormal drama, The Sixth Sense, still offers one of the best halloween movie experiences to date.

A wild surprise twist that leaves the audience stunned when the climax is revealed. The Sixth Sense is a great movie if you love thrillers, horror movies and ghost stories. A young boy, Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) tells his psychologist, “I see dead people. They want me to do things for them.” The story behind his revelation is a fascinating one.
The psychologist is Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) who is shot one night in his home by an intruder, a man who was once his patient who thinks he didn’t get the help he needed for his mental problem. The intruder then kills himself. After recovering, the psychologist takes the boy as his patient because the boy has hallucinations just as his former patient did as a child. He thinks maybe this time he can learn from his mistakes and help the boy.
Thus, Malcolm becomes dedicated to helping Cole, but is worried he won’t help him because he didn’t help his former patient. Cole eventually confides his secret to Malcolm: that he sees dead people who walk around like the living unaware they are dead. At first, Malcolm thinks Cole is delusional but eventually does begin believing him.
Furthermore, he tells Cole that he should try communicating with the ghosts and perhaps maybe help them. At first, Cole won’t because the ghosts scare him and sometimes even threaten him, but he finally decides to do it. Cole helps a girl who just died to save her sister from being poisoned by her mom like she was.
Additionally, Malcolm is having problems with his marriage and his wife. Cole tells Malcolm that he should try talking to his wife when she is sleeping. Cole also tells his mom about the ghosts he sees while they are in the car. Although his mother at first does not believe him, Cole proves his ability to her by talking about how his grandmother visits him. He proves it to her by talking about a question his mother privately asked at her mother’s grave. When Cole says that his grandmother feels proud of her daughter, his mother cries and realizes he is telling the truth.
Finally, Malcolm goes home and finds his wife asleep with their wedding video playing. While still asleep, Anna asks her husband why he left her, and drops Malcolm’s wedding ring. He realizes he has not been wearing it. He remembers what Cole said about ghosts. He realizes that he is dead; that he was actually killed by his former patient that night, and was unknowingly dead the entire time he was working with Cole. Malcolm tells his wife she was never second, and that he loves her. His goal complete, he is free to leave the world of the living.
The Sixth Sense is comparable to movies such as Paranormal Activity. They involve apparitions and other things or paranormal relevance. Unlike The Sixth Sense, Paranormal Activity gives you more of a scare. The Sixth Sense has more of a story to follow.
Overall, most people who see this movie are shocked about the ending. I must admit that when I realized that Malcolm was dead during the whole movie, that he was killed in the first scene by the intruder in his house, I was totally surprised. That has to be the “surprise ending of all time”.