Serendipity Café in Dunedin has healthy, gluten free food for all

Serving foods for all diets, this Dunedin café is booming.


An inside view of Serendipity Cafe in Dunedin, Florida.

Logan Bishop, Online Editor

Serendipity Café, where healthy meets delicious. Kim Mohr, the owner and cook at Serendipity Café has a gluten allergy; the reason she opened this small yet exquisite restaurant.

Set right down the street from Bon Appetit and the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Dunedin, the location is perfect for both visitors and locals. Their gluten-free menu has options for all. Whether it be a scrambled omelet topped with bell peppers, spinach, and feta ($8.49) or a tasty lunch wrap with balsamic portabella mushrooms, provolone cheese, tomato, and spinach ($8.49).

Each and every meal that is cooked up here is gluten free. Now, what is a gluten allergy? Gluten is a mixture of two proteins, glutenin as well as gliadin. It is found in wheat barley, and rye. What gluten does is create antibodies that attack the lining of the bowels.

Mohr created an environment where you can enjoy your favorite foods without the side effects of gluten.

As soon as you walk into this local café, you experience a sense of belonging as if you were at home. At the front door, there’s a sign that reads “we always cook with love from scratch.” Serendipity Café has a smoothie bar as well. It’s a little pricey, but for $5.99 it’s well worth it. Each and every smoothie is made without fillers, making it vegan.

Recently, the café started serving breakfast all day. Now you can get cornmeal pancakes with a side of granola at any time for just a little under $15.

Everything about this place is welcoming. From the menu, to the smoothie bar, and there’s even an open kitchen so you can watch them prepare your food. There is no doubt that Serendipity is a family place.

With a narrow building, seating may be difficult at other restaurants. Serendipity was able to provide seating without that “claustrophobic” style. There’s five tables in the restaurant, one being a high top. There is also alternative seating at the bar, where food is at your fingertips.

Currently, there is 22 vegan items on the menu. Not only is there 22 vegan items, there is also four vegetarian items excluding the vegan entrees. This restaurant focuses strongly on whole grains, organic fruits and veggies, and humanely raised antibiotic and hormone free meats.

Kim Mohr opened this restaurant to help people who share a similar story to her. Mohr’s café is friendly to all ages and all diets. If you’re gluten free and want to cut down on wheat or you’re vegan excluding all animal products from your diet; Serendipity Café is the place to go. This small café really is where healthy meets delicious.