The Carbonaro Effect

The Carbonaro Effect on truTV is a must watch with its illusions and humor.


Peter DiNapoli and Hayden Grooms

Jaws gaping open, wide eyes, and brains baffled in confusion are common side effects when people watch The Carbonaro Effect. This television show truTV offers is outstanding in many different ways, and Michael Carbonaro is the star performer.

Michael Carbonaro is a magician and an actor. Altogether, these talents allow for dangerous combinations to make people look and feel dumb.

Michael sets up a scene in many different environments, ranging from an instrument store to a car mechanic shop. He waits for random people to come in for whatever they need, and at that moment, they have no idea what is about to happen to them.

Then, Michael executes an illusion or trick and leaves the individual speechless. As an improvisation actor, his skills allow him to interact with the dumbfounded to contribute to what he calls “the Carbonaro Effect.” His wittiness and acting ability gives him the opportunity to act as though he is in the same shock as what the others see.

The 34 year old entertainer keeps his pranks going for as long as he wants before he begins to give the hint that it was a trick. However, he doesn’t flat out tell the person what is going on, for he leads with, “this seems like the Carbonaro Effect,” or something along those lines.

Next, the people try to draw their own conclusions regarding what the Carbonaro Effect could be. They try and tie in whatever scheme happened to them to the effect. Carbonaro’s knowledge of fake science facts convince everyone that what he does is a real and simple thing. They nod their heads with reluctance as he tries to explain each phenomena.

At the end, Michael slowly unveils that they are on a hidden-camera, magic TV show.

The reactions are hilarious and priceless. The show is really funny between Michael and the people he performs the tricks on.

Ultimately, it leaves every viewer, whether on TV or in person, with the question, how?