What do ya’ll say?


Melany Andras

People from all around the United States have different accents. Along with accents, there are tons of different dialects used to describe or say the same word. This varies even within Palm Harbor University High School.

A few of the differences include saying pop instead of soda, icing or frosting, yard sale or garage sale, and lightning bug or firefly. These are only four of the hundreds of possibilities for dialog differences.

Most of the dialect Americans say has to do with where they grew up. For example, people are more likely to say the word “ya’ll” if they grew up in the South rather than “you all” for the North.

Dialect and accents don’t only vary from region to region, but also state to state. While some variations are less noticeable than others, all are unique.

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Question 1: What do you say when addressing a group of 2 or more people?

Question 2: What do you call a big road that you drive fast on?

Question 3: What do you call a sweetened carbonated beverage?

Question 4: What do you call the area of grass in the middle of some streets?

Question 5: What do you call a large vehicle used to carry freight?

Question 6: What do you call the sweet spread that you put on cake?

Question 7: What do you call a small freshwater lobster that is found in lakes and streams?

Question 8: What do you call the large, wild cat native to the Americas?

Question 9: What do you call the night before Halloween?

Question 10: What do you call a sale of unwanted items from one’s home?

Question 11: What do you call the insect that flies around in the summer and glows at night?