Chocolatey surprise

This story is going to give you a sweet tooth.

Universal Studios has brought a mouthwatering chocolate factory inspired by Willy Wonka. City Walk has opened many new venues, but none compare to The Chocolate Factory. The main theme for this factory is steampunk, giving it a mechanical look.

Stafinia Koutsoumbaris loves fashion, “The people who work there have a great steampunk fashion,” said Koutsoumbaris. “I really felt like I was in a steampunk world.”

You’d think it’s slow because it’s new, but the factory has great service, they got really good rates. A lot of people have recommended to visit the factory, “ A great family place, I really recommend it,” said Koutsoumbaris.

Devin Bischoff really loves the food there at the chocolate factory. The factory has a great variety of foods it goes from pork belly sliders to chocolate 5x milkshakes, they also have a bar. “ The chocolate 5x milkshake tasted like a bunch of chocolate milkshakes put together, you really have to like chocolate to finish it,” Bischoff said.

“They have a place in the factory where you can watch ur delicious foods be made after you purchase them. Its awesome with some of the things they come up with” said Koutsoumbaris.

Devin agrees with reviews that the  prices should be lowered. Prices for the Chocolate factory are more on the expensive side, it is an amusement park. “It was worth how much you have to pay, its very filling,” Bischoff said.

They have a gift shop with awesome items like t-shirts, chocolate, mugs, and many more great items to bring home to your family. Devin recommended that you should bring gifts to your family. “ they are great gifts,” Bischoff said.

Stafinia loves the factory and would love to come back and visit with her family. “It was an awesome experience and i’d love to share it with my family.”