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It’s morphin’ time

Are the new power rangers as good as the old?

Caitlyn Hoolihan, Staff Reporter

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This generation all grew up watching the 5 Power Rangers, and their battling of vicious villains, and watching in awe as they worked together to save the world.

With all the new live action movies coming out, the pressure was on the Power Rangers producers to recreate the spark that the 5 adolescent teenagers brought to the screen and continue the power ranger legacy.

Whether it be from the obviously immature drama or the lack of chemistry between characters, the director seems to have been lacking creative abilities when filming this movie.

The actors seemed to not understand the roles they were taking on and acted similar to one in a B-rated movie. The actors seemed uncomfortable around each other and not like a team.

Opening weekend, the movie brought in $40.3 million dollars which shook many critics considering it took the second behind the hit movie, Beauty and the beast. In the second weekend numbers decreased by 64.8 percent and the movie only made $14.2 million. All in all the movie received less attention than expected.

“The movie was disappointing. I was expecting the rangers to have the click that and energy that excited me when I was younger,” said Una Dapo.

The movie was rated PG-13 which disappointed lots of viewers since Power Rangers was and still is a popular name with younger audiences.

The movie did reach out to old time viewers who missed seeing their favorite superheroes on screen and were able to see them fight bigger problems that were only aloud to be shown a PG-13 screen.

All in all the power rangers were not able to save this mess of a movie. As for their legacy, only time can tell if the power rangers will still be known in this generation and the future generations to come.

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It’s morphin’ time