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Youtuber Vlogs Pulling Terrible Pranks on His Children, Loses Custody of Two Children

Katrina Errion, Staff Reporter

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With all the vloggers on Youtube’s community, there are many good channels with amazing content. There are some confusing vlogs; some funny; some very upsetting. Recently, ‘DaddyoFive’, Mike Martin, has begun vlogging his family of 5 children and wife in late 2016. He says it is a family channel, but it mainly focuses on his social media, subscribing for more of his content, and his children wearing T-shirts with “DaddyoFive” displayed on them.

From what you can already tell, he is very stuck up and very self centered.

DaddyoFive’s children are Jake, Ryan, Cody, Alex, and his daughter Emma. The subject of almost every single “Prank video” of Martin’s is Cody. Cody is not Daddyofive’s biological son, and has a disability and can’t focus most of the time, and tells his father and siblings he can’t deal with them being rude to him. Cody’s siblings and father still pull pranks on him after speaking to him about his disability. Cody breaks out in anger, tears, and most of the time can’t control himself while Jake is hitting him, breaking his Xbox, and destroying his room. All of this is footage of numerous vlogs. The children are sometimes allowed to take the camera, and most of the time Jake is always the one to be pushing around everyone and bullying the rest of them. Jake is the biological son of DaddyoFive and oldest sibling, and most respected by the father. Most of the time when Cody is told to stop doing something, he is yelled at and stops usually the first time. When Jake is told to stop doing something (hitting Cody, yelling at another sibling), he doesn’t stop and DaddyoFive doesn’t care.

On one of DaddyoFive’s popular uploads, (about 800,000 views) Jake was hitting Ryan and slamming Cody on the ground and being, as DaddyoFive put it, rough housing and being playful; even though Ryan was screaming “Stop, please stop, it hurts,” while Jake was bashing his foot into Ryan’s stomach. While all of this was occurring, DaddyoFive was sitting there, toying with the camera because it wouldn’t focus. He was more concerned about his camera focusing, then Ryan and Cody screaming for help.



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Youtuber Vlogs Pulling Terrible Pranks on His Children, Loses Custody of Two Children