Best albums of 2018

Students share what they believe happened to be the best and worst albums of 2018.


Natalie Tajeddine, Staff Reporter

With so many new releases this past year, music history was made in 2018 and albums came out better than everyone expected, or in some cases, worse.

     50 students answered three questions on who had the best, most overrated, and most underrated albums of the year based off of top charts. The answers were pretty diverse but the top two cake out close.

    Up by only two percent, Post Malone’s album Beerbongs and Bentleys beat Travis Scott’s Astroworld according to Palm Harbor students’ opinions.

     “Post Malone’s album was really relatable and is good to listen to when I want to be calm,” Vanessa Memmo (‘20) said.

     Travis Scott’s album Astroworld was one that many were waiting for. Release dates kept getting pushed back but finally on Aug. 3, the wait was over and fans got to listen to what was expected to be one of the best of 2018.

     “I thought the album was good, but not worth the wait. I only liked three of the songs on there,” Zhana Forth (‘20) said.

     After the top two, next up was Reputation by Taylor Swift, followed by Sweetner by Ariana Grande, and ending with Invasion of Privacy by Cardi B.

    Underrated musicians are looked over all the time. For Lily Fragola (‘20) beloved Queen by Nicki Minaj is one that deserves more attention.

    “Queen deserves more attention than it got because Nicki literally wrote a whole album about how much of a queen she is and like… wow. She is the baddest ever,” Fragola said.

    Another fan favorite was Youngblood by 5SOS. With a hit breaking song Youngblood, 5SOS made a comeback and many students think they deserve more credit for it.

    Albums are continually coming out, and the top charts are constantly changing. For some PHU students, minds will remain the same and for other new music will shed the light on them.