“I got the horses in the back!”

You have definitely heard this song within the past week.

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“I got the horses in the back!”

Jacyn McCrudden, Staff Reporter/Photographer

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Every song seems like it gets overplayed, but for some reason the song “Old Town Road” is still making a huge impact on society. As rumor has it, it recently became the number one song on the charts according to US Foracle What makes this song so famous. But, what makes this song so different than any other song?

Tik Tok is how the song first became popular, there would be millions of kids dancing and making videos with the song in the background. It became a huge meme. But, soon it took off to be so viral that it went around the world, and right back to your hometown.

“I don’t like country music but when I heard this one I thought it was kinda funny because just the sudden change in just how country music used to be by all the love songs and such and how in 2019 it morphed into more of a rap version,” Tyler Strack (‘20) said.

Old Town Road is definitely not like a normal country song; it doesn’t have the slow song or medium tone bass that normally takes place in a normal country song. This song is more of a Pop/Hip Hop song it has a wider bass and a higher up beat more than most songs, which is what makes this song different than any other. Unfortunately that’s why it soon got taken off the charts bassically as soon as it got brought on.

While others may enjoy listening to this version of a country song, students like Dustin Dodson (‘20) believes that it could be better, “It’s an okay song; I believe that it could be better by it having an actual meaning and if it wasn’t country I would probably enjoy it more. But, the new remix song by Billy Ray Cyrus is definitely how a country song should sound.” said.

Billy Ray Cyrus teamed up with Lil Nas X to make the song better in different aspects, and to try to make the song head back onto the country top hits. They believe that race has an aspect for the reason why they took the son off the charts, but the real reason was because the song just didn’t have enough country elements. ” Does not embrace enough elements of today’s country music to chart in its current version.” Lil Nas X responded on Genius.com  But, with the new updates to the song they are hoping that it makes a change and that the song will get back on the charts.

No matter what you think of the song, it’s definitely a change in society for music and people should check out the genius video on this song to see if it deserves to be on the top charts.

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