Everything wrong with the movie Tall Girl

Life can be hard, but at least you’re not a junior who wears size thirteen Nikes… men’s Nikes. 

Cassie Santella, Staff Reporter

The Netflix original movie Tall Girl is about the tallest girl in high school and has recently gained backlash from the media. Jodi has been made fun of for her height her whole life until she meets Stig, a Swedish exchange student. The basic movie plot is played out, the girl falls in love with the guy and the guy is a jerk until it’s too late, the girl has newfound confidence and makes a scene in front of everyone.  

Apart from the movie plot being exactly like every other poorly done teen romance movie, there are several other things wrong with it. The most focused on among the media is the line “you think your life is hard? I’m a junior wearing size 13 Nike’s… men’s size 13 Nike’s.”  A common trend on the app TikTok is where users play the line from the movie and then one up her by sharing a much more tragic event from their life. Obviously, there are more troubling things in life than being a heterosexual, cisgender, upper class white girl who happens to have big feet. She has two loving parents, she lives in a mansion, and all she focuses on is her height.   

There are also a number of other smaller things wrong with the movie such as the biology problem that Jodi’s love interest solves at the beginning of the movie. The problem is quite simple yet the film exaggerates it to make it look as if he was a genius. Another example being the flashbacks to Jodi’s childhood, in one scene when Jodi was in elementary school, the class was doing a craft where they made hand prints in clay with paint. Jodi is laughed at because one of the girls pointed out that her hand didn’t fit on the clay when it clearly did. Instead of laughing at Jodi, the class should have been laughing at the girl who can’t see right. One of the more notable flaws was the sudden arrival of the foreign exchange student Stig. It is not until after Stig’s first day of school that the boy he is staying with finds out that Stig will be staying with him. Foreign exchange students rarely just show up on their first day of school, especially without members of their host family’s knowledge.  

Since the movie is a Netflix original about high school students and love, not many people were expecting it to be realistic. Every movie has its flaws and its small problems do not need to be stressed. The worst part about the film is the exaggeration of Jodi’s height. There are many people taller than 6’1” yet they don’t take the question “how’s the weather up there?” to be as insulting as portrayed in the movie. The film could have taken a better path and focused on Jodi’s struggle with being bullied throughout her life without having focused on her height as much. Although, a cliché and unoriginal a film about a girl who gains confidence after being bullied most of her life, would have been much better.