‘Anne With an E’ fans fight to save the show

Netflix’s cancelation of this series shows just how dedicated a fan base can be.

‘Anne With an E’ fans fight to save the show

Cassie Santella, Staff Reporter

Anne With an E, a series available on Netflix, was released in March of 2017 and has since gained a dedicated fan base. After Netflix and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) released a joint statement saying that the series will not be continuing after season 3, fans have banned together to fight to save the series. 

The series is based on the set of books, Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The show follows the adventures of a red-haired orphan who lives in the small town of Avonlea, Canada. The show is set in the late 19th century and covers multiple important topics such as racism, classism, indigenous history, foster care, and beauty standards.  

“I think that Anne is a really good role model because she has been through a lot but still stays humble. She puts others first, but she can still stand up for what she believes in,” said Alice Messiah (‘23). 

The hashtag #saveannewithane has gone viral on twitter. A group called Anne With an E Fan Projects has raised over $4,000 through GoFundMe. All the money raised will go towards advertising on billboards and buses. The group has already raised enough money for a billboard near Toronto and they hope to raise enough for a billboard in Time Square, New York. 

There was no official reason given as to why the show was cancelled, yet some believe it is because Netflix and CBC are no longer going to be partnering. Despite fan support, the producers are certain that no other network will pick up the show due to an alleged contract from Netflix. Even if the show does not get picked back up fan efforts are still hopeful and continue to expose the show to more people.  

“I really wish it would continue because I think Anne has begun a new stage in her life, and it would be really cool to follow her journey,” Messiah said.  

 Many of the show’s actors, including the girl who plays Anne, Amybeth McNulty, have made grateful statements about the fan efforts to keep the show alive. Miranda Pencier, an executive producer on the show, released a statement on her Instagram account saying “There is just no way to revive ANNE WITH AN E anywhere at this point. It will not happen. So now we need to love all that exists of it and hold onto the joy and hope and wonder the show brought to all of us.” 

Despite the odds against the fans, they continue to wish and hope for possibility of the show continuing. For now, seasons 1-3 are available on Netflix and as Anne would say “It wouldn’t be half so interesting if we know all about everything, would it?”