What’s the Move

Halloween: COVID-19 addition.

Kayla Ashley, Staff Reporter

As we all know COVID-19 has made an impact on everyone’s life. Dealing with social distancing and keeping masks on can be a lot for certain situations such as Halloween. There has been a raised question throughout the month of October, many kids wondering if Halloween is cancelled. Wondering how some kids and even adults are going to show off their Halloween makeup or if they are going to be able to knock on the door and say, “Trick or Treat!”

Student, Haley Swauguer (22’) said “for Halloween I’m planning on hanging out with a few friends and watching The Conjuring; my parents are going to try to pass out candy to any little kids.”

A lot of people seem to be playing it safe and staying in for the night watching movies and eating candy. Leon Nguyen (22’) is staying inside as well “my extended family is coming over and that’s about it.” A relaxing festive night.

Avery Lunderville (22’) on the other hand, his plans are a little more action packed. Lunderville says “I’m going to Howl O Scream with my girlfriend on the 23rd, and she wants us to dress up as Barbie and Ken on Halloween.”

Thankfully there is still ways to have fun even with all going on.