The Perfect Gift?

What’s looking like some solid Christmas gifts this year?


Each Christmas gift is special for each person, from the wrapping on the outside, to the contents inside. (courtesy of US News Money)

Kendall Hyatt, Staff Reporter

Christmas is a time of giving, but coming up with a gift to give can be one of the most difficult parts of the Christmas season. You may think “what could I possibly get my friend or family member for Christmas?” Well, here are some of the top items on peoples’ list this year. 

 Jewelry has always been a top want for people on their birthdays and Christmas. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are dainty accessories to spice up an outfit, which makes it a perfect gift for the holidays. 

 A more practical present for someone who doesn’t want anything flashy would be the Tile Pro Series Classic. It is a small tile that helps you keep track of your belongings such as your keys, wallet, and more. It comes in a pack of two and its fairly inexpensive.  

 For a day-to-day use type of gift, you can buy them a fragrance, such as cologne or a perfume. Or maybe even a Scentsy or candle. All of that is personal preference, and even the prices may vary depending on the size or brand you buy. 

 What are the true gifts that people want for Christmas? “I asked for some clothes, workout clothes, perfume, body care products, and candles. I asked for clothes because I needed some new shirts, and I asked for certain smelling perfumes and body products because I like them and wanted them for a while.” Alexa Strickland (‘24) said. “I asked for pit vipers because I saw them, and I thought they looked pretty cool.”  Ariana Silva (‘24) said.  

 What might some people be buying for others this year? “I got my friend a garbage can because she said she needed one for her room.” Silva said. “I got my sister a bracelet and crystals, and my dad a new shirt and a pop figure.” Strickland said. 

 Getting the right gift can be tough, but if you think about it hard and get an idea to start your thoughts, something may just peak through. Have a merry Christmas!