Fun for the holidays

With the holidays passing here are some fun traditions and games you could try next year.

Fun for the holidays

Abigail Houston, Staff reporter

The holidays: the times of cheer and celebration with friends and family. Families celebrate in different ways based on their cultural beliefs. During these holidays, many people celebrate with traditions and games. 

A fun tradition many families do is decorating a Christmas tree. Real or fake, it never fails to decorate a Christmas tree with lights and ornamentsSome families pick a new ornament every year to add to the tree. 

Many families build holiday traditions among themselves. “Every Christmas morning, we look for our holiday pickle, it’s an ornament and the first person to find it on the tree wins a special present” said freshman, Arrington Benson. 

You may have found yourself decorating your home with Christmas lights. These lights illuminate your home in holiday cheer. It may turn into a family tradition to admire others Christmas lights as well. 

A common way to celebrate is by playing fun holiday games. A simple non-competitive game to play for the holidays is a white elephant gift exchange. This fun game is a gift exchange among your friends or family. What makes this game so enjoyable is that you exchange funny gifts for entertainment; this way you don’t have to stress over a sentimental gift.  

If you enjoy gifting valuable presents, you may enjoy doing a secret Santa. This game assigns you a person to gift, but they don’t know. The goal of this game is that nobody knows who was assigned to who; it is one big surprise for everyone. 

Another great holiday game is a stocking guessing game. In order to play you need any object and a Christmas stocking, the goal is to guess what the object in the stocking is without seeing it. If you guess correctly you win. 

Whether you want to create new traditions or plan a fun holiday game Hopefully you have received inspiration for the holidays for future years to come.