An Out-SANDing Florida Fall Event

Visit Treasure Island and be wowed by Sand-tastic sculptures.


Beatrice Shen, Staff Writer

          Finally enjoying the long awaited hint of autumn in the air, students are looking for fun fall activities to partake in. Unfortunately, wearing layers of cute sweaters, jumping into crisp fallen leaves, and fire-heated homes aren’t exactly available in Florida’s version of fall. But, this sunshine state has its own unique seasonal traditions, including Treasure Island’s Sanding Ovations. 

            “I am excited for fall! During the season, I get to do festive fall activities like carving pumpkins and watching scary movies, so I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time bonding with my friends,” Patricia Boyd (‘24) said. “Plus, during the fall, everybody starts making seasonal foods, and I always love to try those.”

          In 1985, Florida was home to the world’s largest sandcastle. In 2001, Florida Governor Jeb Bush named Treasure Island the Sand Sculpture Capital of Florida, prompting the beginning of Sanding Ovations, an annual sand sculpting competition and exhibition hosted by Treasure Island every autumn. 

          Pack a picnic and take your family and friends to the beach to admire the creative sand sculptures of this year’s chosen artists, Sue McGrew, Deborah Barrett-Cutulle, Melineige Beauregard, Manuel Campos, Daon Meri, Abe Waterman, and Bruce Phillips, from November 18-21 and November 26-28, and wait to discover the winner of this year’s Sanding Ovations Master’s Cup. 

          But, maybe looking at sand sculptures isn’t your cup of tea. Sanding Ovations also hosts other forms of entertainment, including colorful flying kites that dance in the wind, night-time fireworks that light up the sky, and local, regional, and national touring bands that fill the air with music. 

          Florida’s November may not be your quintessential chill-filled fall, but not many other states get to brag about their autumn tradition of sand-filled beach days.