Thanksgiving Excitement!

Thanksgiving Break Preview

     Many people love the holidays (how could you not) and enjoy the festivities and celebrations associated with them. Although Thanksgiving can sometimes be overshadowed by the merriment brought along with Christmas, we shouldn’t forget the exciting times and memories that can happen with the Thanksgiving holiday.

     “I’m going to New York with my parents. Having a week off school is my favorite part of the holiday. I’m most excited for the Thanksgiving meal and shopping in times square,” said Ella Baker (’25).

      Mateo Monday (’25) shared his plans with his family for the upcoming holiday.

      “For Thanksgiving I’m going to Ohio. I’m most excited for the possible chance for snow there and I love having a week break from school,” said Monday.

       Emmary Hunt (’25) shared her plans for the break and how she plans on filling the time with events.

       “I’m working and going on a cruise with my family. I’m most excited for the food and seeing friends,” said Hunt.

       Sophia Boyce (’25) also has family plans while on vacation and going out of the state.

       “I’m going to Colorado to visit family. I’m most excited to see my friends and not stress as much about school and homework,” said Boyce.

       Caden Beao (’25) shared his favorite thing about Thanksgiving break.

       “I’m happy about not having school for a week and being able to relax. I’m grounded but I’m excited for the break from school,” said Beao.

        Although many people favor Christmas or Halloween over Thanksgiving, it’s still a good time to hang with friends and family and not have to severely stress about homework, tests, or classwork. Overall, Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you may have and to bond with the people you love – whether that’s family and/or friends – and to make fun memories with each other.

        Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the food and fun!