The Eras Tour

Romina Hinojosa, Staff Writer

The Eras Tour is now the sixth selling out concert tour of the American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Ever since Taylor had to cancel Lover Fest due to COVID-19, this is her tour returning post-pandemic. Swift describes The Eras Tour as a journey through all her musical eras, including her newest albums Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights. 

This tour will be the second all-stadium world tour since 2018 for her Reputation stadium tour. The tour started in early March and is to end in early August.  

One full show night lasts over 3 hours, with 44 songs being played. Swift divides the concert by era with props, costume changes, lighting changes, and more to be able to change the aesthetics for each era to be more fitting for the album she is playing from. Swift does an immaculate job at getting the whole crowd on their feet for the full 3 hours screaming till the top of their lungs. She has an amazing stage presence that gets people to attend her concert that aren’t even fans of hers just to watch her perform. At each show, Swift performs 2 surprise songs outside the regular set list that she does not re sing unless she messes them up or is from the album Midnights. Swift made the rule mid- tour that if any surprise song is off Midnights, she can re-sing the song at another tour date because Midnights is the most recent and relatable album to her. 

Met with an unpredictable amount of demand for tickets, The Eras Tour 3.5 million people (about twice the population of Nebraska) register for a presale code only from the U.S. leg. Although the website crashed the day tickets were available, swift sold over 2.4 million tickets to tour in one day, which breaks the record for most concert tickets sold by an artist in a single day.  

Swift opens the tour with the era “Lover” and plays a fan favorite titled “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince.” After the Lover era is over, gold electric sparks fly down the screen, entering the Fearless era with the album titled track “Fearless.” Transitioning into the next era, the stage gains a forest look entering the Evermore era opening with a song titled “Tis the Damn Season.” Next, the stage has a visual of a snake and flashing lights entering the reputation era opening with the song “…Ready for It?” Entering the next era, purple lights appear on the screen entering the Speak Now era but only singing “Enchanted.” There is some controversy from this due to this album being a fan favorite, saying that Swift should have sung more songs from Speak Now. I am one of the people who stand with this belief and do think she should have sung more songs from Speak Now. After Speak Now, the lights dim, and a dancer comes out with a big red box opening and shutting it with clips of different songs off Red, leading into the first song “22”. After this, Swift goes to a cottage look for the Folklore era, opening with “The 1.” After Folklore, a neon city skyline covers the screen for 1989, opening with “Style”. Swift then sings the surprise songs; one acoustic and one on the piano. Leading into the final era of the show, Swift sings Lavender Haze entering the Midnights era. Ending the showoff with confetti, fireworks, lighting changes and more, Swift ends with “Karma”.  

Overall, the concert was incredible. I would recommend it to people who aren’t even fans of Swift. I attended the Tampa Night 1 show.