The Perfect Storm


Pounding the pavement in a torrential outpouring of runners United for a worthy cause.

In the wee hours of Saturday, Oct. 10, students, faculty, family, and friends gather to come together to support a noble cause.

This is the second annual HERricane 5k Glam Run. Volunteer coordinator, Jeanne Davis said “There’s an enormous amount of time and effort that goes into planning an event like this.”

The members of the medical booster club committee started coordinating in April and work through the summer to plan this event. The medical magnet program needed to come up with an idea that would fund the teachers and students.

Jeanne Davis also noted, “We wanted to give back to an organization in our community that tied into health and wellness, which is how we discovered the Morton Plant Mease mammography voucher program.”

The Medical Magnet Booster Club committee needed to come up with an idea that would fund the teachers and students and they decided that they wanted to keep the race a community based event.

They wanted to be sure to stay in the Palm Harbor area and as Jeanne Davis said, “the Pop Stansell Park was just perfect for that.”

The school student race promotion committee has a major role in advertising the event. Anna Davis and Ethan Kugler are the co-chairs. Their job is to promote the HERricane 5k through school and social media.

Anna Davis, a junior at PHU said, “I’ve learned a lot through this race, from watching my mom do a ton of planning, to involving myself in a huge event like this. I’ve learned that breast cancer is very serious and coming together as a community to support a cause as one whole is very beneficial.”

Ethan Kugler, also a junior at PHU said, “I’m glad that I had the opportunity to watch my mother too as she helped plan this event. It opened my eyes to a whole new perspective; partaking in a major event like this can really make a change.”

If you’re interested in signing up for this race on Saturday, October 10th, you can join at for $30.00.