Homecoming shenanigans

Jordan Lutz, Staff Reporter

Students dressed identically in wacky attire at every turn, everyone heading to the big game to cheer on their team, and all the girls going to faraway malls just so they don’t have the same dress as somebody else? Sounds like Homecoming Week.

Homecoming includes a week of dressing quirky to school, the exciting dance, and the main reason for the event: the football game. The game is going to be on September 24, the day before the dance. Coach Haye sets the homecoming date each year according to the football schedule, and that’s why it’s in September instead of October.

The week before the dance, students participate in a series of dress up days. Students will have a blast dressing in different decades clothing according to their grade level on Decades Day: freshman dress in snazzy 50s attire, sophomores in 60s, juniors in 70s, and seniors get to rock the kickin’ 80s apparel.

Another dress up day is Black and White Day. Underclassman dress in white and upperclassman dress in black. The entire school will give the impression of an old black and white movie.

“I’m looking forward to Black and White Day for the juniors and seniors because I love wearing black,” senior Tyler Rizzo said.

Also, Class Color Day is another dress up day. Class Color Day is on the same day as the Powderpuff Game, which is where selected amount of girls in the different grade levels compete against each other in an intense but fun-filled game of flag-football. On this day, freshman wear yellow, sophomores wear white, juniors wear burgundy, and seniors wear navy. These colors correspond with the Powderpuff teams’ jersey colors.

“This is my second year being on Powderpuff and the best parts of the event are playing the seniors and getting the cool Powderpuff shirts,” junior Katie Papa said.

The last two dress up days are Twin Day and School Spirit Day. On Twin Day, the school resembles a mad scientist’s laboratory, tons of clones roaming the campus. Ostriches, hippies, or just original home-made “Twin Day” shirts, you name it, you can probably spot it around the school. High schoolers have many interesting ideas for this upcoming Twin Day.

“My friends and I were thinking about dressing as the Jonas Brothers,” sophomore Lindsey Glenn said.

School Spirit Day falls on the same day as the homecoming game. The Hurricanes will be combating against Gibbs High School. “I think we’ll win because I feel our team has improved since last year,” sophomore Kristin Ficco said.

Then on Saturday, put on your dancing shoes, or go barefoot since most of the girls going to the dance will probably be taking them off anyway. The Homecoming Dance will take place at Innisbrook’s Inverness Hall. This year’s theme for the dance is called “Club U”.

Homecoming Week entails fun activities for all students to take part in. So don’t miss out on the fun and start brainstorming your creative costumes before time runs out!

MONDAY- Class Color Day and Powderpuff Game


WEDNESDAY- Black/White Day

THURSDAY- Decades Day

FRIDAY- School Sprit Day and Homecoming Game

SATURDAY- Homecoming Dance

SUNDAY- Recover from the awesome week you had!!!