Mrs. Tyler says goodbye

Kate Hardwick, Staff Reporter

We say goodbye to a long time staff member of Palm Harbor that we all know and love. With tear filled eyes, Cathy Tyler admits that she will be leaving her front office secretary position, but not out of choice.  Mrs. Tyler has been with our school for thirteen long years, beginning in 1998. She started her career here as a kitchen assistant in the cafeteria and after two years she was moved to the office, were she will now be terribly missed.  She says she really does not want to leave.

“I love this school and it hurts me that I had to make this decision,” said Tyler.  “Working with the kids at this school is something I love, which makes it so hard to leave.”

Mrs. Tyler’s leaving is not only hard on her and her staff members but the students as well.

“I’m going to miss Mrs. Tyler a lot,” said senior, Brandon Shaneyfelt.  “She always greeted me with a warming smile; when I walked through those office doors, even when I had a referral in my hand.”

Some students took the time to appreciate the hard work and dedication Mrs. Tyler had for her job.

“She is always understanding of the students and actually cares about them,” says senior Brittany Merrick.   “I felt that Mrs. Tyler actually took the time to remember each student and know who each of them are and I am really going to miss her!”

On the bright side of things her love of working with kids will carry on to her next job as an attendance specialist at Clearwater High, Dunedin High, Dunedin Middle, Oak Grove Middle, and Clearwater Intermediate.  Also, although not with us at school, Mrs. Tyler is close by and plans to make visits when she can.  She will most certainly be missed and whoever takes her position will have a lot to live up to.