Enjoy spring break in paradise without going out of town!

Kate Hardwick, Staff Reporter

Spring fever is in the air ladies and gentlemen which means spring break for Palm Harbor University High School students and others as well, is on its way.  Some kids are going out of state but most are staying here in one of the hottest spring break spots in the country.  Yes, it’s true, we do live in paradise.  Spring break is kind of like a tease for summer, it’s a time to gather with your friends and live it up in the sun, so why not enjoy it at the white sandy, tropical beaches of Florida?

“Spring break is one of the best vacation weeks we have,” senior Ryan Davidson said.

“I went to Clearwater beach almost every day last break and it was a blast because literally everyone from school was there.”

Clearwater beach is a great place to hang out on the beach over break or take a stroll through the beach shops.  You can even take a little vacation to one of the many hotels and resorts along the beach if you need to get away for a couple days.

“My friend has a boat and over break her dad always likes to take us out on it, we would either go tubing or out to an island to hang out,” senior Mallory Lingscheit said.

So if you’re one of the many who aren’t going out of town during spring break, don’t stay indoors and take this hot vacation spot for granted, hit up the beach with a few friends or just enjoy the outdoor paradise we live in.