Are You a Fan of Dan?

PHU volleyball players sold these shirts for $5, and profits will go to "Our Friend Dan."

Laura Josephik, Staff member

This week for our Teachers Appreciation Night, there is a chance for you to show your support to a non- profit organization called ” Our Friend Dan”.  This night will be dedicated to Lynn Lemmon and her son Dan Soyka, who has ALS.

“Three of my players had the idea about doing this event.  They ran it by me and then their parents organized everything,”  said PHUHS volleyball coach Coach Tara Kuk.

Students have already shown their support by purchasing t-shirts to wear to school as well as the game.  “I am especially excited to be one of the line judges for this game because it is for such a good cause and everyone is going to be there supporting Dan and his family,”  said Junior Ryan Marth.

Come out and show your support while catching a challenging match between PHUHS JV and V volleyball team October 5th at 5:45.  Don’t miss it!