Two wheels in, four wheels out

Laura Josephik, staff reporter

Four wheels is out, two wheels is in.  Daniel Kim, 33, may have just designed the newest drive of the future.  Kim has combined the feel of a motorcycle and combined it with the safety and luxuries of an enclosed automobile.  The name of this gyro balanced two wheeler is the LIT C1.  One concern brought up to many people when hearing a car is on two wheels is whether or not it will stay up right.  The C1 is 1,300 ft-lbs of torque.  This allows the 2 wheeler to stay up.  Even when the C1 was hit by Kim’s Land Rover the C1 didn’t fall over.

“I always have wanted to drive a motorcycle but it is always to dangerous.  This would be perfect!” said junior, Eva Shontz.  Kim believes his invention will work for two major reasons.

“I saw that a huge percentage of motorists travel alone, and in the developing world most of them are on two wheels.  And two, I don’t have to hire anyone to design, because I do it all myself,” said Kim.

It seems as though the LIT C1 has a bright future ahead of it.  This car is especially appealing to the California Highway Safety Patrol.  The Swiftness and the safety of the C1, make it very appealing to the officers.  The price and amenities are also very appealing.  The C1 can go from zero to sixty in six seconds and reach a top speed of 120 mph.  The estimated price will also only be about $24,000.  With all these great amenities who wouldn’t want to drive one of these.