@theEYEonline has exploded in popularity on Instagram


Many students around PHU have been featured on the EYE’s Instagram in the past few weeks.

The newspaper staff has created an Instagram account so that students can remain updated about current events at school. Additionally, information about the next issue of the newspaper is released on the Instagram.

The staff has started a new program where students around school are photographed and put on the Instagram, modeling the Humans of New York project which was started by photographer Brandon Stanton.

Many students’ pictures are shown with quotes about day to day life on campus. Conversations that are common within school are displayed to show how all students have similar interests.

Students are also shown in the photos with issues of the EYE newspaper with the original #caughtwiththeeye. Pictures of the newspaper staff laboring over page designs and stories are also featured.

Moreover, a new contest has been created for the Instagram page. The hundredth follower, along with the person who informed them of the Instagram page, will receive a special, delicious surprise.

The Instagram page is open to all students who wish to remain aware of events in school as well as to students who want to see themselves, and their friends, pictured on the EYE’s Instagram.