Off to college in no time

Graduation is approaching fast, meaning many seniors will be parting and going their separate ways to college. Some are going farther than others. Many students will be attending Florida State University, University of Florida, or other in state schools. On the other hand there are many students that are expanding their horizons to out of state colleges.

While going to college out of state can be expensive, nerve racking, and can cause homesickness, it is also a great experience to start a new chapter in your life. If someone is put into a completely different situation, they will react differently than they are used to. New friends and experiences are guarenteed if this path is taken.

College can be very expensive no matter where the location is. Out of state schools tend to be a lot more expensive than in state schools. There are many scholarships out there, that students aren’t taking advantage of. Scholarship information can be found in Mrs. LaChance’s office.