Spooky, scary, simple: five DIY costumes you’ll have to try this Halloween

-Before you dig out your cat ears again, try these original, cheap DIY costumes you can make in no time.


Cassidy White

Five fast DIY costumes for this Halloween.

It’s the day of Halloween. You have a party in 5 hours, but no costume. What do? Fear not, procrastinator. The Eye’s got your back with some funny, clever DIY costumes.

White Trash:

Things you’ll need:

  • white garbage bags
  • anything white
  • your trashiest jeans (if you have white jeans, PERFECT!)
  • yourself!

This is a costume you’ll love to go out in- even when it isn’t garbage day. All you need to do is cut out head and arm-sized holes in your trusty white garbage bag and slip it on. Then, just take anything white in your house like newspapers, cotton balls, styrofoam cups or plates, or napkins and tape or tuck them into the garbage bag. Voilà!One costumes down.


Things you’ll need:

  • any type of plain tee-shirt
  • glue
  • nickels

Ok, we lied. You’ll need some money for this costume. But when people will look at a photograph of this costume, every time they do will make them laugh. All you’ll need to do for this simple costume is glue nickels to the back of your tee-shirt. Clever!

Formal Apology:

Things you’ll need:

  • a suit(for boys)
  • a formal dress(for girls)
  • a small piece of cardstock/cardboard
  • marker
  • string/ties/ribbon

With this costume, you can hit two birds with one stone. Not only is it a great costume, but it also functions as a sincere apology for that special person at the Halloween party. For this costume you will need to dress your best and make a sign with the words “I’m Sorry”. Tie the string to the top of the sign and wear it like a necklace.

Cereal Killer:

Things you’ll need

  • a empty cereal box
  • fake blood, red marker, or red jell-o
  • string

Oooh kill ‘em! Just kidding, that’s illegal, but this costume isn’t. Poke holes or slashes into your cereal box and apply fake blood to the ‘wounds’, or if you don’t have fake blood use red marker or red jell-o.Let it run down the box or you could just simply smear it. Tie the box around your neck with a string, and if you’d like, apply your scariest makeup for extra oomph. Talk about a killer costume!

Identity Thief:

Things you’ll need:

  • Hello My Name Is… stickers
  • marker
  • that’s literally it

With this costume, not only will you be stealing names, but maybe even some numbers! First of all, before you place the stickers on yourself, write random names, or for an extra comedic touch, your friend’s names with your marker. Here comes the hard part: Put the stickers on in random places all over yourself!

There you have it – five beautifully thought out costumes. Before you run off to Party City to go buy your blue morph suit, consider these  cheaper, original alternatives. And remember, if all else fails, snipping eyeholes and wearing the white bedsheet in your closet will make an ironic and classic costume. Happy haunting!