After-School in the Theatre

Every semester, the Drama department puts up a play, that tends to lean towards the more comedic, however with Sunday in the Park with George, that’s about to change.

Sunday in the Park with George stands out from all other musicals performed at Palm Harbor University.

“The musical is about the artist Georges Seurat from France, and him making his painting, ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ over a two year span. Act 1 is about George and how he is so obsessed with his art, and so obsessed with his painting, that he is unable to maintain any social relationships, with people in general or with his mistress Dot,” said Blake Lafita.

Lafita is playing the role of Georges/George and was previously an artist himself in middle school and early high school. Lafita took up art again to further prepare for this role.

However, Act 2 of the musical takes a turn. “The second act is completely different from the first act; it’s about the descendants of them. The first act is set in the 1800s. The second act is set in the 1980s but, it still ties back and connects them,” said Francesca Iacovacci, who will be playing the role of Dot/Marie.

“As a whole, it’s a show about art, and it makes a real statement on being who you are and making what you truly love to make,” said Lafita.

Preparing for the musical is not an overnight process.

“A lot to say the least. A great, great deal of work goes into preparation,” said Lafita. “We do whatever we need to, to get the show up whether that means learning lines, lyrics, staging, or polishing.”

Not only do the actors prepare extensively for the musical, the technical department also has to prepare, specifically the stage manager Julia Bodolay.

“I have a great deal of responsibility,” said Bodolay. As a stage manager she must put together a tech crew, take notes on blocking, and make sure everything runs smoothly during the show.

Rehearsals are currently almost every day until 5 pm. However once October nears a close, rehearsals will extend to past 7-9 pm, with those participating eating dinner at the school.

Despite its long hours of preparation, all agree that it is a gratifying experience. “None of us would be here if we didn’t want to. It’s not what a lot of people would call a crowd pleaser however, it is really beautiful,” Lafita said.

The musical will be performed on Nov. 5-7 at 7pm at the school theatre and showcases art above all.