Gender Bender

PHU seniors glimmer in a wardrobe they probably have never worn before.


Peter DiNapoli and Hayden Grooms

Did you find yourself staring at certain individuals last Friday? The seniors selected to have a dress up day to wear the attire of the opposite sex, and some outfits went farther than just the clothes.

Senior boys were spotted wearing makeup, getting their hair done, and strutting around with gorgeous nail polish. Some students took it to the extreme and purchased a delicious Starbucks coffee, with more sugar in it than caffeine, prior to school. The students who decided to wear cute shoes or heals all gained respect for the torture girls’ feet go through. They aren’t nearly as comfortable as they look.

Many senior girls went with the classic frat boy look rocking a Polo shirt and pastel shorts midway down the thigh. With a hat on backwards and boat shoes to make sure they do not slip throughout the day, the newly transformed males looked as handsome as could be. Others decided to dress for the athletic look. Their makeup skills came in handy, for students could draw on a better beard than what most boys can actually grow.

Previously, seniors had two other dress up days, for they wore the outfits of their favorite superheroes on one day and a Cowboy vs Indian theme on another. Batman seemed to be a big hit on superhero day, and some students took the Indian in a creative aspect and dressed in Indian attire, not Native American Indian.

Gender Bender proved to be the biggest hit because the most students participated, but there are still more to come.

The senior dress up days are as follows for the remainder of the year: April 18th is Sports Teams Day and April 22nd is Senior Citizen Day.

Remember to follow school dress code!